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Everything we do at LMC centres around making the climate technology industry better.

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A little about us

We are a climate technology business that provides talent solutions. Not a recruitment company that does climate tech. 

For us, that’s really important. We want to have a big part to play in advancing all aspects of the space. 

We help to build and foster communities and get involved in initiatives around DEI, early careers and education.

Our values


We love what we do.


We celebrate our victories and own our mistakes.


We will only ever work in partnership.


We are dedicating to furthering the interests of the climate technology industry.

Lewis Martin


My experience scaling businesses across the Smart Buildings & ESG space has allowed me to build industry-defining teams and solutions across a range of niche and global enterprises. I believe in building collaborative, long lasting relationships that exceed client expectations of value from a recruitment partner.

If you’d like to learn more about my story or to discuss your company, reach out via the form below or on +44 7494 783 407.

Megan Munn

Business Development Manager

Having filled a vast range of retained and contingent searches across the USA & Europe, I pride myself on delivering a confidential, reliable and efficient service for our clients and candidates with DEIB at its heart. I strive to support our clients to reach their goals to achieve a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable future for our industry.

Libby Sharpe

Senior Account Manager

I lead LMC’s global strategic account growth. Our mission is to decarbonize the industry one candidate at a time, and this is at the forefront of everything we do. We’re a key provider of industry-leading climate tech talent solutions — and so much more.

Nicole Briones

Operations Supervisor

What excites me most about the climate tech industry is its potential for growth and innovation.  Here at LMC, we’re more than just a team – we’re a group of passionate individuals who come together to learn and grow, and I’m proud to be the one who helps keep us all focused and moving forward in the right direction.

Bill Behn

Head of US

Bill joined LMC after ten years as President and CSO, taking an unknown automation company to 150 countries with a special focus on the Built and Climate space. After working alongside Lewis to grow and build his most successful teams, the pair joined forces to launch LMC in the USA.

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