Insights from Smart Buildings Show 2023

Nov 2, 2023 | Industry News

LMC, a key player in the Climate Technology space, recently attended the Smart Buildings Show 2023, held at Excel London.  

Our presence at this year’s show provided us an opportunity to catch up with acquaintances, forge new connections, and keep our finger on the pulse in the world of smart buildings. One highlight was Thomas Kay’s exploration of Facility Management and its convergence with ESG principles within the built environment. An equally captivating talk was a panel discussion that delved into the role smart technology can play in bolstering landlord-tenant relationships. The panel, featuring insights from experts like Mike Hook, Giovanna Jagger, Katie Whipp, and Sam Pickering, offered intriguing perspectives on this pertinent issue.  

During our time at the Smart Buildings Show we saw so much amazing technology that it’s tough to pick a few to highlight. However, three disruptors stood out. These innovative companies are all leaving a remarkable impression on the industry with their cutting–edge solutions, so I was keen to spend some time talking about them and how they are making waves in the smart buildings sector.  

1) Atrius 

Atrius, a subsidiary of Acuity Brands, is revolutionizing smart buildings with their IoT solutions, focusing on intelligent lighting and indoor positioning. They seamlessly blend Bluetooth beacons and LED lighting to create connected, data-rich spaces that optimize energy use and operational efficiency. 

 Atrius especially stands out as a key player in shaping the future of intelligent buildings due to offering integrated, user-friendly solutions. 

Why it’s important: Atrius is instrumental in enhancing building efficiency and occupant experience while prioritizing sustainability in the smart buildings landscape. 

2) Buildings IoT 

Buildings IoT helps property owners and managers streamline building operations, boost energy efficiency, and elevate occupant comfort through their IoT-driven solutions. Their expertise lies in data collection and analysis across various building systems, transforming conventional spaces into intelligent, cost-effective, and sustainable environments. 

Why it’s important: Buildings IoT is a pivotal player in making buildings more efficient and sustainable by harnessing the potential of IoT and data-driven solutions. 

3) Zeus powered by KODE Labs – Smart Environments 

Zeus, a technological platform, is at the forefront of enhancing operational efficiency, energy management, and occupant comfort in commercial buildings. By leveraging IoT, data analytics, and machine learning, Zeus delivers real-time insights and control over various building systems. This empowers building managers to make data-informed decisions, reduce energy costs, and create more comfortable and sustainable spaces. 

Why it’s important: Zeus drives efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainability in smart buildings by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to optimize building operations. 

As we reflect on our experience at the Smart Buildings Show 2023, I came away with three takeaways after spending time chatting with the best and the brightest from the world of smart buildings.  

Takeaway #1: The enduring relevance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in the smart building arena is undeniable. It remains a hot topic on the agenda of industry leaders and decision-makers, guiding the direction of our industry. 

Takeaway #2: Technological advancement in the smart buildings’ domain is rapid. AI (Artificial Intelligence) seamlessly integrates into existing solutions, such as Energy Management Systems (EMS), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and the Internet of Things (IoT). This trajectory promises more efficient smart building solutions soon. 

Takeaway #3: It is evident that successful implementation of smart technologies in business settings requires trusted solution partners. The complexity of integrating, managing, and maximizing the benefits of these technologies demands expertise and experience. Very few organizations are prepared to shoulder this responsibility alone and having the right partners to “shepherd the load” is essential. 

The Smart Buildings Show has been a testament to the drive within the industry to build smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient spaces. These takeaways will shape our approach to the future of smart buildings and their role in our ever-changing world. 

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