LMC and Stacks+Joules Forge Pioneering Partnership to Empower Green Talent

Jun 13, 2024 | Announcement


As the fight against climate change intensifies, the need for skilled professionals in the green sector becomes ever more pressing. Fortunately, a new collaboration between leading recruitment firm LMC and non-profit Stacks+Joules promises a commitment to bridge the talent gap and empower young minds for a sustainable future.


This partnership goes beyond financial support. LMC will become Stacks+Joules’ longest-standing CSR partner, with Founder Lewis Martin joining their board. His expertise will be key in supporting the organisation’s planned expansion beyond its current New York City location.


LMC will donate a portion of annual revenue to Stacks+Joules over the next year. These funds will directly fuel their mission to equip overlooked individuals with critical skills in building automation and energy management software – knowledge in high demand for the climate tech industry.


Furthermore, LMC pledges ongoing support to Stacks+Joules’ ten annual cohorts. This includes developing targeted resume and interview workshops, a factor credited with their graduates’ high job placement rate. 


Adding another layer to this initiative, LMC will support a new Fall apprenticeship program, which will provide students with valuable hands-on experience and further equip them for success in the climate tech sector.


Highlighting the significance of this collaboration, Stacks+Joules founder, Mike Conway, commented:


“Stacks+Joules relies on inside knowledge of the needs of employers, and LMC is a proven source. Lewis and his team help us ensure that our graduates have been trained in the skills most sought after. Additionally, Lewis himself has led resume and interview prep workshops for our cohorts, directly supporting our high job placements.


LMC financial support will go towards direct program expenses, allowing us to continue to provide advanced training at no cost to those we serve. LMC shares our belief that talent rises in unexpected places as we remove barriers to full participation.”


This partnership presents a powerful opportunity to rewrite the narrative around talent scarcity in the green sector. By cultivating a pipeline of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, both LMC and Stacks+Joules aim to fuel the talent pool within climate tech into NetZero and beyond.


Together, LMC and Stacks+Joules can nurture the next generation of sustainability leaders, driving innovation and building a brighter, more sustainable future.


Learn more about the partners below:

About Stacks+Joules:

Stacks+Joules is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation that offers a project-based learning program in computer programming and wireless network management. Their specialised curriculum empowers young people from underserved communities to gain valuable technology skills, preparing them for successful careers in the burgeoning fields of building automation and energy management.

About LMC:

LMC is a climate tech business solving talent problems, not just any climate tech recruitment firm. Its core focus is connecting organisations driving decarbonisation with the very best talent in climate technology. LMC plays a crucial role in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future, by solving core growth challenges faced as a result of the gap in talent required to meet global climate goals.

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